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Sep 25, 2010 6:00am EDT
fred sachs, and fred, how old are you? >> 85. >> for those that have an excuse as to why they shouldn't exercise, i wanted to bring fred in. first of all, fred and i are friends. fred has a goal. what are we doing in march? >> we're going to do the marathon in virginia beach virginia beach -- in virginia beach called the shamrock. >> the rock 'n' roll -- >> no, that's another one. the shamrock has both the half and the full. >> the funny thing is, fred keeps northeast straight. so we're training for that. as part of that training we're doing the 5-k he's also doing the rely in the baltimore marathon. in preparation for those things, besides the cardiothat we're doing together and what he's doing on his own, we're doing resistance exercising, because at 85, there is muscle mass. one of the things fred does is knowing where your body is in space and time when you age. fred, show them your squat, please. fred does these great. he's going to position his feet underneath his knees, and he's going to stand up, but not pushing against the chair. believe it or not, he's going to slowly sit back
Sep 11, 2010 12:00pm EDT
? >> reporter: hi, fred. as this is winding down, you know, every year this is a mixture of pain and pride. pain, of course, shared by the famiesli of tososs who are lost that day and the collective pain of a nation, but there is also pride. pride and shared memories of loved ones, pride in what they accomplished pride in what this country stands for. also there is pride in what is taking place now, what is taking shape at ground zero. that i particularhis year the 9/11 memorial. family members for the very first time werescorted by people who are active involved alin putting t hat memorial together. so, for example, they are seeing the outlines of the reflecting pools that are taking shape. they also saw the 16 swamp oak esees that have been brought to the plaza. these are trees llthat were partially grown in new york, i new jersey a pennsylvania and virginia, all locations with ties to what happened on 9/11. of course, this memorial will be built -- will be opened one year from today,n thene xton anniversary, and everyone is looking forward to that. people here w are leaving the ceremony
Sep 17, 2010 11:35pm EDT
, hollywood has taken notice. >> hey, it's fred. >> reporter: he's the beevis or butthead of the youtube generation. >> oh, my god. it's cold. i'm swimming. i love swimming. >> reporter: a 17-year-old playing a 6-year-old with manic energy and an extremely obnoxious voice. >> give me a bigger pool. >> reporter: the character fred figuralhorn has made the actor a sensation. >> someone told me about youtube. what's that and it interested me so i started posting videos on there just for fine and i guess they sort of took off. >> reporter: the first to break 1 million subscribers. now he has double that number on fans. his most watched video, fred goes swimming. >> this pool is big enough for me because i don't ask for lots. >> reporter: has had more than 45 million views. three times the number that tune in each week to watch the most popular sitcom on network tv. ♪ >> reporter: of course, unlike charlie sheen lucas crookshank doesn't make $2 million an episode. >> honestly my life at home hasn't changed. i still live in the same town and go to the same high school. other than the fact i
Sep 24, 2010 9:00pm EDT
meyers. kristen wiig, the guy who plays me, fred armisen, andy samberg, and the creator, lorne michaels. they're here from the set in one of the late night's running shows. if you don't know what n"saturdy night live" is, you're not from this planet. next on "larry king live." tomorrow night, "saturday night live" will celebrate the beginning of its 36th year at 11:30 eastern time. we have five outstanding cast members and the exec producer with us. we're in studio 8 h. our guests are lorne michaels, amy poehler, who we hear will host the show tomorrow night. she's the three time award nominee, seth meyers is the anchor of weekend update and the head writer of this program, the emmy writer, kristen wiig, you know her as nancy pelosi. fred armisen, you know him as me or joy behar, and andy samberg. >> how did this idea get conceived? >> i think it got conceived because herb schlasser who was writing nbc felt there should be production back in new york. he had a strong affection for live programming and in the glory days of new york television. >> "the tonight show" had been on.
Sep 30, 2010 6:30pm EDT
, potenti potentially deadly bacteria that no antibiotic can stop. and it's a special night for fred and wilma ♪ oh, happy anniversary happy anniversary ♪ happy anniversary happy anniversary ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. as rainstorms go, this one is huge, and it's heading up the east coast tonight. flood warnings and watches are posted from the carolinas to the canadian border, and the rainfall is setting records. while most places will see between two and six inches, some will get close to a foot. dean reynolds is in carolina beech, north carolina, tonight. dean, this storm is making it dangerous on the roads, and i know there's been one deadly crash already. >> reporter: sadly that's true, katie. the first fatalities from this storm that has been pounding east coast from here to maine. the victim's car ran off rain-slicked highway 64 over two hours east of raleigh where it plowed into a watery ditch, killing four members of a georgia family. the
Sep 25, 2010 12:00am EDT
nancy pelosi or the target later. fred, you know him as me or governor patterson or joy behar and andy sandburg best known for his digital stuff. how did this idea get conceived? >> i think it got conceived because herb who was writing nbc felt there should be production back in new york and he had a strong affection for live television in the glory days. i was downstairs with johnny carson. they wanted a new show. the time period at that point was carson was best of carson which was reruns they decided to do a new show and dick who had just been hired as the director of late night -- at the time i was working with lilly on writing and producing on her shows, both at cbs and abc. i had begun at nbc with the phyllis diller show and "laugh-in," but all in california. >> larry: "saturday night live," what a history. amy, how did you get on to the show? >> well, i auditioned like everyone here did. and i had some friends that were on the show already and of course grew up watching it, and then i just met lorne in an undisclosed location and handed him an envelope filled with $50,000 and he
Sep 3, 2010 5:00pm EDT
, maryland. she said that's the day an incredible love story came to an end. >> reporter: when fred davis was just 13 and mary herbert was 11, he told her he wanted to marry her. >> he told me that he wanted to marry me and he wanted to grow old with me. rr seven years later, they elope and took wedding vows in front of a judge in upper marlboro. >> it was romantic. the secret of eloping was exciting to him. >> reporter: she was a nurse. he was a rodeo rider. a champion rodeo rider. an accomplished golfer. this is one of his trophies. an avid hunter. this is his bear. with all of this going on, fred always found time for mary. >> we were very special. he wrote me little poems. we always did little, planned little vacations. got away. friday was our day. all the friends knew it's friday. fred has to go. >> reporter: he worked as a contractor. fixing this, remodeling that. that's exactly what he was doing one year ago at this building on forestville road. working on a bathroom when a man come in an open door, goes upstairs, fires a gun, kills fred davis. the best evidence in the way,
Sep 11, 2010 4:00pm EDT
what's been transpiring there even after the first ladies spoke. >> well, fred, this morning at the memorial service, one by one the names of the 40 victims on board united flight 93 were read out loud and a bell rang in each of their memories. this land is now owned by the national park service. they have been giving out ribbons for people to write well hwishes on. peopleave tied them along the fence leaving signs and mementos. flowers, pictures, waeaving the national flag as leaving heartfelt messages to the victims of the crash. some are heartfelt. others say simple messages like "thank you for the courage to act." it was that courage that former first lady laura bush and first lady michelle obama talked about this rning. >> i come he today not just as fit lady on behalf of my husband and a grateful nation. i come as an americaned filled with aense of awe at the heroism of my fellow citizens. i come as a wife, a daughter and a sister, heartbroken at the loss so many of you have endured. i come as a mother thinking about wh my daughters and what all of our sons and daughte
Sep 30, 2010 7:00pm EDT
sleeping in the same bed. >> relax, fred. >> tonight! >> reporter: the flint stones came off the drawing board known as the flagstones in this pilot. they were also called the gladstones. >> back to the drawing border. >> reporter: before claiming their place in history as the flintstones. >> when the flintstones was launched, they were trying to get adults to watch, but the bonus was you got adults and you got children, so families sat together and watched the flint stones. >> reporter: by now, the characters are part of the culture. fred and wilma flint stone, barney and betty rubble, and all their neolithic neighbors. >> hi, neighbors! >> reporter: the original steers ran for six years, but it lives on to this day in reruns on cable. >> they dealt with the kinds of issues that-- that everyday suburban couples still deal with-- financial problems, marital woes, embarrassing situations. >> reporter: and in the process, fred created one of the most enduring expressions in the english language... >> yabba-dabb-do! >> reporter: the thing, is heave never supposed to say that. the sc
Sep 5, 2010 11:30am PDT
narcotraficante? para eso y mucho mÁs tenemos el privilegio en "enfoque" de contar con fred Álvarez, analista polÍtico. fred, quÉ gusto en tenerlo con nosotros. >>gracias. muchas gracias por la invitaciÓn, josÉ. >>oÍmos juntos las palabras de la barbie. eh... no parece muy preocupado, parece que estÁ dispuesto a decirlo todo. >>bueno, estÁ mostrandose como si fuera una especie de testigo protegido en este momento. con mucho cinismo... de testigo y estÁ diciendo lo que tiene que decir. lo comentamos fuera del aire. lÁstima que la entrevista esta que se dio a conocer por las autoridades mexicanas, estÉ editada. josé: ¡y tan editada, ademÁs! >>muy editada. porque ese el cuidado... hay algunos elementos que podrÍan llevarnos a conocer el fondo de las cosas. el golpe, como tÚ lo has comentado, es un golpe certero a uno de los personajes mÁs sanguinarios del crimen organizado en este paÍs. josé: hÁblanos un poco de cuando tÚ dices mÁs sanguinarios. >>dentro de los grupos de sicarios, yo recuerdo a una persona, humberto baÑuelos, la rana, un personaje que estuvo invol
Sep 19, 2010 5:00pm EDT
? >> reporter: fred, i can tell you that one of the women is being questioned by detectives right now about the nature of this group were they in fact, a cult or did they breakaway from a more traditional church to form their own prayer group. here is what we know. the sheriff's department told us it was an absolutely great sunday, he said everyone is okay, no crimes have been committed, despite the fact that there was a huge national manhunt taking place for the five women and eight children and fred, the way that it came to the attention of authorities that they were finding is that apparently, there was somebody here at the park, they recognized the cars and they saw this group of 13 sitting under a tree, on the grass, praying. they immediately called authorities, authorities came out to this park and found that they were fine. and you could imagine, as we roll in, the press, all the sheriff cars, the look of surprise on the faces of this group of people who are sitting on the grass praying. unbeknownst to them, there was a manhunt going on and one of the women told me in spanish, she wa
Sep 3, 2010 6:00pm EDT
husband in forestville, maryland. pat collins has the report. >> reporter: when fred davis was just 13, and mary her better was 11, he told her he wanted to marry her. >> he told me that he wanted to marry me. and he wanted to grow old with me. >> reporter: seven years later they eloped and took wedding vows in front of a judge in upper marlboro. >> it was romantic. that secret of eloping was exciting to him. >> reporter: she was a nurse. he was a rodeo rider. a champion rodeo rider. an accomplished golfer. this is one of his trophies. and an avid hunter. this is his bear. but with all of this going on, fred always found time for mary. >> we were a very special couple, i would say. he wrote me little poems, we always did little, planned little vacations, got away. fridays was our day. everybody knew it. all the friends knew it was friday. >> reporter: to put bread on the table davis worked as a contractor. fixing this, remodeling that. that was what he was doing one area ago at this building on forestville road. working on a bathroom when a man come in an open door, goes upstairs, f
Sep 5, 2010 6:00pm EDT
to have organized the killings of hundreds of people. fred burton has been following his actions along the border. he's a former counterterrorism agent with the state department and a vice president with stratford global intelligence. he joins us in austin, texas. fred, were we know there is an awful lot of drug running that exists on both sides of the border. how rare is it, though, for an american-born citizen to be this highly placed in one of these cartels? >> it's very rare. la barbie has managed to make his way to the stop of a ruthless cartel and i think that he certainly has earned that right based on his known viciousness. he was operating as a hitman in mexico as well as a security chief for beltran leva. >> we have some video of his interrogation andey want to play that and get your reaction. >> what was the route that you operated? >> translator: panama to mexico. >> translator: how did you manage the money? how do you do it to move so much cash? >> translator: well, cash would come to me from the united states. >> translator: how do they send you the money? >> transl
Sep 25, 2010 12:00pm EDT
, fred, that's the answer. the federal court is going to dismiss this case based on standing as avery just said. isn't it sort of a dangerous precedent? this guy is on a kill or capture list. his father is saying, look, let's stop at this time, get a little due process here. just because allegations are made about his criminal activity, don't we need to vet it? don't we need to litigate it? aren't we entitled to discovery? can't the government be wrong? what happens if they are wrong and they kill this guy? i don't know the answers. this is the united states. it seems contrato our values and laws this a mere allegation can result in a, perhaps, kill list. a little scary. >> how long will this process last, how long before the federal court determines whether, indeed, the department of defense has a good argument here, national security has a good argument here? richard, you first. >> i think this is going to move very quickly, fred. i think 60 to 90 days it's going to be disposed of. >> avery? >> i totally agree with you. this is high priority, national security versus individual righ
Sep 27, 2010 4:30am EDT
exception. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >>> good morning. bray lynn edwards started the game on the sidelines, but by the third quarter he was leading the jets. here we go to miami. edwards was benched the the first quarter because of a draunken driving arrest. the jets were up, 20-17. final seconds. dolphins needing a touchdown. but pickedoff in the end zone and that was it. >>> michael vick back on the field again and proof that he should be the eagles' starting quarterback. philly fans quickly forgetting about donovan mcnabb. >>> cowboys finally got in the win column. tony romo found roy williams twice. they beat the texans 27-13. >>> let's go to minnesota where they finally hit their striechltd peterson ripped off a touchdown. they shaved the lions 24-10. >>> the falcons had luck on their side in new orleans. the saints missed it for a win. falcons beat the champs 27-24. >>> in seattle, two kick off returns for touchdowns. his first to start the third quarter, his second, 99 yards to put the seahawks late in the fourth. washingt
Sep 24, 2010 8:30am PDT
. also, haute fred passed away on september 9. -- also, fred pastoring on september 9. he was born in 1933 and at the age of 14, he attended and graduated from a high school, where he played on the soccer team. they settled in san francisco, where they raised their family and operated a grocery stores for decades. he committed himself to serving the african-american community and was a devoted follower of a christian faith and helped to establish the st. george orthodox church in san francisco. he coached adult soccer, and his passion for soccer was passed on to his children and returned to their children. he will be deeply missed by his friends and family, who he touched. he will be missed, and i have other items to submit. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor dufty. supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: can we do that on behalf of the whole board? president chiu: yes. supervisor mirkarimi: making it easy for the general public throughout the city and county of san francisco. things have changed, and so have our city codes, which of fallen behind the times. using the internet,
Sep 1, 2010 4:30am EDT
interesting. here is fred rogan with an early look at sports headlines. >>> good morning, yes or no here? always something with manny ramirez. he joined the white sox yesterday, held a news conference, answered every question the media ask, but with a catch. everything in spanish with an interpreter, even though he speaks flute englis s fluent en. manny ramirez on deck and would have made his debut. no need nfor manny. sox hold on to win. teixeira helps the yanks take over the first place in the east. and if you thought 30 homers were impressive, how about 43 for batista. >>> and ninth inning, tied 9-9 against the rangers. in comes willie bloomquist. a walkoff wild pitch. 19 runs, and that's the way it ends, 10-9. >>> walkoff by the marlins, scoreless in the tenth. and green light from second. play at the plate, ramirez under the tag. marlins beat the nationals 1-0. >>> reds, uraldis chapman made his major league debut. he topped the century mark four times against the brewers. not a bad start for the kid who defected from cuba. an inning of work. a couple of defensive gems. votto with a
Sep 1, 2010 4:00am EDT
things interesting. here is fred regula rogan. >>> manny ramirez held a news conference, answered every question. he answered every question in spanish with an interpreter, even though he speaks fluent english. on deck and would have made his debut. he hit this three-run bomb to right. the sox held on to win 4-3. yanks mark texixeira and two rus on the rays in the sixth inning. home run show impressive, how about 43 for jose batista? he leads the majors. >>> and ninth inning, rangers, pitch got away from the catcher, in comes willie bloomquist. a walkoff wild pitch. and that's the way it ends. royals win 10-9. another walkoff by the marlins. a single to left. hanley ramirez, green light at second. and under the tag. marlins beat the nationals 1-0. the reds, chapman made his major league debut. fastball clocked at 109 miles in the minors. not a bad start for the kid defected from cuba. struck out one in an inning of work. joey votto with a stop at first. and incredible throw to second for the out. scott roland's turn. and the reds win 8-4. that's your early look at sports on "early
Sep 10, 2010 12:30am PDT
minute we met. right? yeah. in fact, it was nauseating. thank you, fred. blue 28! blue 28! watch the one! watch the one! set! hut! i'm open! i'm open! whoo! ohh! football! huh? uhh! oof! oh. sorry! are you ok? yeah. you had nothing on it. ♪ i feel my wings have broken... ♪ cheers... sarah mcnerney. cheers, tom leezak. so what do you do when you're not joe montana? i work at knr radio. your traffic information station. so i have myself a real live radio host, huh? no. someday i'll be that guy. sports, hopefully. right now, i just do spot traffic reports. on the graveyard shift. every other week. when the full-time guy's sick. [chuckles] you're that tom? yeah. you actually heard me on the air? yeah. i called in about a week ago, like 3 a.m. you said the pasadena freeway was all clear, so i took it and got stuck behind a jackknifed big rig for, like, 3 hours. sarah from beverly hills. who called me a... fathead. we got pretty heated. very heated. so, 3 a.m.? that's a little bit past your bedtime, right? how do you know my bedtime? i was wrapping up an auction. i'm a gofer at sotheby
Sep 21, 2010 4:30am EDT
francisco, and then things really heated up. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >> good morning. it was tight and it came down to the wire, but in the end, the super bowl champs escaped san francisco with a victory. it was a seesaw battle. 49ers down 8, but they needed a two-point conversion to tie. smith, the vernon davis rules no good on the field. but after review, they overturned it. now we have over a minute to play. just enough time to march down the fields. the saints will take it, they won it, 25-22. >>> in yanew york, the yshges honored george steinbrenner, very fitting for the larger than life owner who brought seven series title toes new york. steinbrenner would have been proud of granderson's performance. a two-run homer in the third and then he did it again. the yanks beat the rays, 8-6. >>> bases loaded for juan rivera who ripped a shot to center. the rangers julio grabbed the ball and pushed it back into the park. >>> this time, it was a player who stunned everyone. seventh inning, a fan wearing a spandex suit aletter security guards, an
Sep 19, 2010 10:00am PDT
does, whether the palestinians will walk out of the talks. fred de sam lazaro visited the dry and windy west bank. >> gilad freund has spent much of his adult life here as a farmer, an occupation not commonly associated with his roots in new york city. but as a jew, freund says he has his own concept of roots and geography. >> i was brought up to believe that the jewish people have a historical strong connection with the land of israel, and even though there's a good life in america, i felt that it was an important step for me to come here. >> freund arrived 30 years ago and settled in the village of tekoa, about 30 miles from jerusalem, a place that dates back to biblical times. >> tekoa is the home of the prophet amos. he was a real farmer, and in the book of amos he prophesizes that the people of israel will come back to the land and that they will settle on the land, and they will plant gardens and grow fruit trees, and he used these biblical agricultural analogies in his prophesy. >> gilad freund embodies not just that prophesy but also the zionist vision of a jewish state th
Sep 5, 2010 9:00am PDT
aol's highest ranking man in silicon valley. fred garlghouse, president of consumer applications to yahoo and once so loyal, he shaved a y in his head and it has peanut butter. joining us from forbes, you are one of the first people to lead aol because you are willing to say, here's what we need to do. is that fair compliment? >> i think one of the key things about any turn around environment is being comfortable speaking very candidly about the problems very iently. i think sometimes, particularly a company like aol that is today a very different company than 18 months ago, people forget, america obanline, we were the people that brought america online, aol. we lost our way, i can't point to how and where and why and sometime in the timewarner merger, aol lost its way. we're in the process of getting our mojo back. three time theres capture that. tim armstrong from google was a major step doing that. he's hired key leaders and described a strong management team rebuilt. the second thing that does touch on, as you introduced, the contrast india hoo and-- in yah aol is how people use
Sep 30, 2010 5:30pm EDT
undertaking he. watch this. >> how can you say that about him. >> i have a daughter too fred. >> you talked about -- >> the interview turned into a showdown. >> and a special window at a las vegas hotel could cut cooling costs that are actually burning guests up. we'll explain that coming up. >>> well some of the highest rain totals came in anne arundel county, that led to a lot of damage and flooded yards and basements, lamont williams was in pass a taken a and talked with folks down there. >> anne arundel county is a county with a lot of rivers lakes and streams. so if you live near the water you know that the combination of rising tides and several days of heavy rain can be dangerous. anne arundel county fire was over run with calls from homeowners with flooded basements from one end of the county to the other end. the calls were the same. >> the water in his basement was probably at least 2 1/2 feet. it took the fire department about two hours, or about 45 minutes to an hour to just suck the water out. >> i came down to this end of the creek in 403, i have been here on a permanent basis
Sep 19, 2010 4:00pm EDT
doesn't look risky. i mean, phil, does this look risky to you? nancy? fred? no. well it is. in a high-risk area, there's a 1-in-4 chance homes like us will flood. i'm glad i got flood insurance. fred, you should look into it. i'm a risk-taker. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. visit to learn your risk. >>> bermuda is on alert and people are taking cover there hurricane igor is closing in with a lot of wind and rain and our reynolds wolf is right in the middle of it. >> reporter: the sent over hurricane igor is still some distance away from bermuda, but the outer ba bands are coming through, coming through with some incredibly strong winds gusting up to 60, 70 miles per hour much heavy rainfall intermitt it tent at times and surf spectacular. behind me, you can see what is left of elbow beach, everything else covered by the water and high waves continue to roll n many of the roads have been closed. the major causeway that connects part of bermuda has also been shut down due to the strong winds. traveling is dangerous on the island. however, we
FOX News
Sep 30, 2010 9:00am EDT
>> steve: fred says, "leaving on a jet plane "makes me cry when they play it at the supermarket where i shop. why is that guy crying. >> brian: you know what makes me cry? when the show ends. >> steve: see you tomorrow. morning, everybody! it's been getting nasty for a while, the governor's race in new york, a whole new bar for nastiness, paladino up against mario cuomo in this race, mixing it up with fred dicker, a newspaper reporter. here's part of that now: >> you're a stalking horse. you're a bird dog. you send another letter to my daughter's house, i'll take you out, buddy. >> you're going to take me out? how you going to do that? >> bill: paladino accusing reporters of going after his ten-year-old daughter and wait until you see what happens next. you'll see the rest of the confrontation. fred dicker is live, minutes from now, we'll get his version of the events then. >>> first, though, mcdonald's, not loving health care, that's the big question following reports that the fast-food chain is thinking about dropping coverage for its employees, and now the white house is step
Sep 16, 2010 5:00pm EDT
monitoring some of the other top stories in the situation right now. hi, fred what is going on? >> hi had, wolf, hi, everyone. police just identified the suspect in a shooting at johns hopkins university, hospital in baltimore, maryland. police say paul warn partis shot a doctor after receiving bad news about his doctor's condition. the doctor's injure police nonlife threatening. authorities say partis then fatally shot his mother before killing himself. >>> and tropical storm karl is now a hurricane in the gulf of mexico. the category 1 system could intensify before reaching the mexican coastline. it is forecast to make landfall along the coast tomorrow night. hurricane warnings are in effect for parts of the region. >>> and officials say a raging wildfire in southern california is now 65% contained. the fire, which has burned more than 8,000 acres and destroyed at least one home is prompting evacuation as well. another 250 structures are being threatened. the governor has declared a state of emergency. >>> and the mother of the late pop star michael jackson has filed a wrongful death la
Sep 4, 2010 3:00pm EDT
. people are going back to the beach, they better be careful. i can honestly tell you, fred, that it is windier right now, or certainly as windy, as it was during the night last night when they clocked the highest tropical storm force winds at maybe 58 miles an hour. if i wasn't holding on to my hat now, it would be long gone. i can tell you this, the tourism industry here certainly did take a big hit because after the fourth of july, this is the biggest weekend for them, labor day weekend. some hotels lost 60% of their normal occupancy, but we found one family who actually arrived yesterday before the storm. listen. most people when they hear about a hurricane or tropical storm wait until it's over to come. you came right before it. why? >> well, we had made the plans to come down and we figured we'd -- we'd risk it. you know, and see what the weather forecast said it might miss this area of the cape and it looks like we lucked out. >> reporter: you know, state emergency authorities say there was so little damage, they didn't even bother to send out damage assessment teams. now they di
Sep 22, 2010 9:00am EDT
the biggest celebrity in the world. but is he ready to lead? >> that's a straightforward ad from fred davis, a ad wizard behind that celebrity ad and the demon sheep. we'll talk to him next. >>> but first, the white house soup of the day. split pea. >> the president is splitting for new york, so, you know, why not? >> i marvel at the cleverness. >> i had no prep time. >> that's fast. >> speaking of splitting, we'll be right back in a split. - lafayette, what're you doing? - ( music playing ) i'm not gonna lie. definitely not easy. hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... lafayette: just got to get through the day. how do you stop this? being used to doing something with a cigarette makes it hard doing it without one. but if i can re-learn to get through my workday without cigarettes, - man: easy. - i can re-learn anything without cigarettes. announcer: re-learn life without cigarettes, free, at a new way to think about quitting. ♪ [ mom ] game time is all about the traditions. it's all about the tackles and the touchdowns... and watching my boys do what they do. but for me, it
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Sep 15, 2010 6:00pm EDT
delaware. our panel, fred barnes of "weekly standard." erin billings from "roll a" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. the conventional wisdom is o'donnell can't win in delaware and they can't win the senate. are we writing off o'donnell and the grassroots movement that gave her a victory too quickly? >> yeah. she can win. it's not impossible. it's harder than if castle won in the primary. like tea party like alaska and utah, the states are conservative states so you nominate a tea party candidate who is conservative and is going to win easily in those states. delaware is different. it's leaning democratic. not a conservative state. it will be tough for her, but it could be a we have an election where the republicans win in unusual places. we'll see republicans win a lot of seats, many of them they have had before in new england and new york and pennsylvania this year. delaware, i wouldn't rule out the fact her prospects for winning harder but not impossible by a long shot. >> chris: erin, we talked earlier that james rosen had a piece about king makers. sarah palin and
Sep 19, 2010 2:00pm EDT
is what we do know, fred. we'll be hearing from sarah shourd from the first time since she arrived on u.s. soil. she's only been here for a few hours. we'll be getting her thoughts. and what it is like to leave behind her companions, her fiance, shane bauer, and josh fatal. she will not be taking any questions, that's what we're being told. but the mothers of shane bauer and josh fattal will be answering questions. freedom for her came with a price. she had to leave behind her companions, of course, and she is leaving with a serious potential health problem, because her daughter found a lump in one of her breasts. there is also another kind of price. $500,000 in bail was paid in order to get her released from that iranian prison. we do believe she will be sticking to a prepared statement, much like she did in oman on saturday. >> your country, with the first breath of my freedom. the sweet smell of sandalwood, and the chance to stand by the ocean, listeninging to the waves. i think the good, hospitable people of oman for your support and ask you to please, please extend your prayers t
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Sep 25, 2010 4:00am EDT
. the panel, fred barnes from "weekly standard." erin billings from roll call and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. fred, what about this? >> contrary to what nancy pelosi says, there is a big doubt about what congress will do, on the whole tax thing. i mean for one thing, it's a bad idea to raise taxes during a recession, or during an economy that is as weak as the one we have now. so weak it's not reducing unemployment or able to, because it's not creating enough jobs. fewer than the number of people entering the job market. it's -- senator hatch said the democrats don't have the votes. if you are running for congress, in a district that's not some safe liberal seat, do you want to vote for a tax increase for people who make over $250,000 a year? when these are the people whether you like it or not, who provide the investment in start-up and companies that create jobs. that's not some secret economic fact. that's the way the world works. so it's a crazy idea. and, you know, at least nancy pelosi, give her credit for talking about having a vote on this. the lack of leadership
Sep 10, 2010 5:00pm EDT
some of the other top stories coming into the situation room right now. hey, fred, good to see you. >> hello, everyone. a federal court in california has ruled that the military's controversial don't ask don't tell policy which bars gays from openly serving is unconstitutional. the government is now expected to ask for a temporary injunction preventing the ruling from immediately going into effect. president obama is already pushing for repeal of the policy, a bill that would overturn it following a pentagon review is before congress. >>> and new hope for 33 miners trapped hundreds of feet underground in chile. a large oil platform expected to help rescuers drill faster is now on site. two additional procedures are also under way. officials caution that the miners who have been trapped since the beginning of august may not be reached until december. >>> suzanne, i know how much you like your java. apparently your morning caffeine fix could cost you a little more. bad weather in south america is threatening coffee crops sparking higher prices in the u.s., bagged coffees from compani
Sep 30, 2010 12:00pm EDT
conduct puts carl's daughter in harm's way and goes on to say that fred may be on the payroll of the new york post but the outrageous bias is demonstrated again through his coverage of his campaign. every political observer knows his bias. let me ask a political reporter, chris smith with new york magazine. what is fred dicker's representation in terms of his coverage in albany? >> bias towards juicy story. he's been a "post" story over 30 years, made enemies on both sides of the partisan aisle. he is a ten ashs tough, tabloid reporter going for the biggest headline. interestingly, fred was showing oel school journalistic principles asking the candidate to provide evidence for a salacious allegation that paladino had made to politico, the website. and paladino can't back it up. he made this accusation against andrew cuomo. and fred, in his chest to chest style, was asking paladino to back it up. and paladino hasn't and gotten angry, which is the whole reason to exist apparently. >> i just encountered it myself this week, when you ask a politician running for election a tough question
Sep 2, 2010 5:00pm EDT
concern as we have a jet flying overhead, noise from the waves, the beacon out there, fred go back over there, looks like a half a dozen guys, surfers trying to take full advantage of these high waves. this isn't southern california, we get waves over 10 to 15 feet they are going to take full advantage of it. that's what we've got now. young gentleman and women what are getting off work, now looks like it is reaching its peak.  one thing we're dealing with wyatt, we're talking about the tide. everybody knows, who lives by the water, you to have live with the cycle of the water. we get two tidal surges, one on its way out, the next one comes in early tomorrow morning between 2:00 and 4:00, i don't want to give one specific time like 3:40, it really is just a gradual up and increase and a gradual flow back. it's the matter of fact that we have had the winds and the waves coming in from the out east, literally the direction our visited i don't go were a fehr fred is showing you. with each pass and approach of that storm they are actually going to be increasing not only the approach o
Sep 20, 2010 8:30am PDT
interstate 5, you'll find the fred c. heidrick antique ag collection, the world's largest and most unique collection of one-of-a-kind antique agricultural equipment, and the hays antique truck museum, also recognized as the largest of its kind in the world. but this is much more than old trucks and farm implements. at the center, much history is shared through interactive exhibits, entertaining events, and stories told by people like lonnie wunder. >> fred heidrick was a major farmer in the area. he farmed over 30,000 acres at one time. and he ended up collecting farm equipment all of his life. >> and quite honestly, when you get to be a successful farmer, you can go out, and you can talk to other guys, and most of these guys like to talk about the old days. and so he'd look over there, and he'd say, "ok, joe, "what are you going to do with that old cat over there?" and so he would talk him out of it and bring it home and restore it. >> our docents aren't trained to tell stories. our docents are trained to listen to other people's stories and then tell those stories again. >> farming is b
Sep 3, 2010 4:00am PDT
gridiron as college football season opened up to a full slate of games. here's fred roggin with a early look at your sports headline. >>> good morning, kicking off the football season with 25 teams in action. 13th ranked miami hurricanes blew away a&m. jacoby harris making an early bid for the heisman trophy. 13 is a lucky number for miami. they won big, 45-0. one heisman hopeful. to another. terrell pryor led number two, ohio state in a win over marshall. like harris, he also threw three touchdowns, capped off the first half of the 65-yard strike. buckeyes rule 45-7. game of the night in salt lake, 15th ranked pittsburgh down 11 in the fourth quarter when they mounted a comeback. john baldwin, a 44-yard touchdown reception. utah up by three. dan hutchins with the tie and he missed. wait a minute, utah called time-out right before he kicked it. hutchins with another shot to tie the game. he nailed it. pittsburgh rally forces overtime. however, in the extra period, utah's joe phillips hits the chip shot for the win. utah with the first upset of the season knocked off 15, pittsburgh, 27-2
Sep 30, 2010 4:00am PDT
spots, but the division race is still up for grabs. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >>> good morning. with every remaining game, it appears the a.l. east will come down to the final weekend of the season. let's start in tampa. the rays gave away 20,000 free tickets. apparently that's the only way they can sell out. the full house had little to cheer about. felix lined one into right. they won that one, 2-0. yankees and blue jays, they honored the manager fido that is retiring at the end of the season. most of the guys took off their mustaches when the same garted, except for travis schneider. yanks remain half a game back in the east. >>> now to atlanta, the braves put up four against them. the magic number to clench the wild card is now two after a 5-1 win. >>> great catch in the indians/tigers game. crow drifted back, back, maybe off balance. definitely a catch worth crowing about. grab great by trevor. >>> an unheard of ending between the mariners and rangers. tied game, two down, man on first. nelson cruz struck out, but the ball got aw
Sep 2, 2010 4:00am EDT
outfielder manny ramirez. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >> good morning. manny ramirez had singled in his white sox debut, but for the second straight game, he was more effective from the on-deck circle. to cleveland. indians up 4-2. with manny on deck, paul konerko gave them the lead with a three-run homer. remember, what he on deck tuesday when a.j. practice zinn ski hit the go-ahead homer. white sox won 6-4. >>> in florida, flash back to tuesday. the nationals' nyjer morgan separated the shoulder of marlins catcher hayes with a vicious hit the the plate. clean play. last night, chris volstad plucked morgan. we're even, right? wrong. morgan then stole two bases and put florida up 11 runs. kind of an unwritten rule not to steal in such a blowout. morgan's next at-bat, volstad threw behind him and morgan charged the mound. first baseman gaby sanchez came in and clothes-lined him. the benches cleared, resulting in a massive dog pile. the worst of it was when sanchez came flying in out of nowhere. they won 16-10. >>> and the debut was just
Sep 16, 2010 4:30am EDT
the yankees and the rays in the american league east. here is nbc fred roggin with a look at your sports headlines. >> good morning. the first two games went to extra innings and the season finale lived up to its hype. the ball hit the butt end of jeter's bat. the manager came out to argue the case and he was sent for an early shower. wouldn't you know it. next batter, curtis granderson hit his 18th homer of the year. stan johnson hit his second home ripped his second two-run homer of the night. the rays were up, 4-3. now to the ninth, tying run on third. first, alex rodriguez hit the plate and he struck out swinging. rays take over first place with a 4-3 win. >>> it's a three-horse race, troy tulowitzki hit a homer against the padres. rockies won, 9-6. they're just 2 1/2 behind the first place padres. >>> great finish in cincinnati. diamondbacks down two. two outs in the ninth. adam la roche hit one high. he hit it deep. if it's out, it ties the game. jay hustled to the wall and robbed him of a homer. what a way to win it. rays win in dramatic fashion, 7-5. >>> the heisman trust
Sep 8, 2010 4:00am EDT
sports. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >>> good morning. after the opening weekend of college football the biggest story so far has been off the field. yahoo!'s sources report that reg j bush will be stripped of his 2005 heisman trophy by the end of the month. according to sources they will side with the findings that bush accepted improper benefits while at usc making him ineligible during the 2005 season. they released a statement saying yahoo!'s reports are inaccurate. if he's indeed stripped of the heisman he'll be the first player in the # 5-history of the award to have it taken away. >>> golf, tiger woods received good news. zack johnson, 21-year-old ricky fowler also made the squall. ryder cup starts october 21st and can be seen on nbc. >>> baseball. pick it up in the eighth. tied at seventh. an rbi single down the line. phillies took the lead and also first place in the nl east with an 8-7 win. the brewers' player saved 600 games. got aaron miles to ground out. brewers beat the cards, 4-2. what in the world has gotten to blue jays
Sep 20, 2010 4:00am PDT
comes to tough sibling rivalry, try being peyton manning's little brother. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >> good morning. peyton manning took it to his little brother eli as the colts led from start to finish. mom and dad on hand to see their boys play. indy up 14-0, peyton threw three touchdowns. tough game for eli. sacked and fumbled in the third, colts recovered in the end zone. nothing went right for the giants. and a game turned in by randy moss. a remarkable one-handed grab. one more time. they made it look easy. after that, all new york. jets upset the patriots 28-14. final minute, scrambled, aired it up to johnson in the ed zone tying it to overtime. redskins, a chance to win. nail as 52-yard field goal. game over, right? wrong. houston call add time-out just before he kicked it's in wouldn't it know it. shanked. texans iced the kicker it worked. completing the comeback. a chip shot. texans raled from 17 down. and looked good. a pair of touchdown passes beat the lions. another forgettable day for brett favre. the dolphins picked hi
Sep 17, 2010 4:00am PDT
pennant races beginning to reach a fever pitch. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >>> good morning. the closest playoff race in baseball is not in the a.l. east, but out west in the national league. padres were in first when the day started. this did not help. former cardinal ryan ludwick laid out but couldn't make the grab. in came one. st. louis up 1-0. they went on to beat the padres, 4-0. the padres were in first, but not any more, because the giants had their way with the dodgers. aubrey hough busted the game open with a home run. the next batter, another home run. giants went on to win in a rout. they're now in first. don't forget about the rockies. they're 2 1/2 out. >>> now, we're going to show you a piece of tape. if you're the least bit squeamish, turn your head for a moment. the good news, everybody turned out to be okay. a white sox player hit in the face by an 89-mile-an-hour pitch from carl pervano. one more time. kanerko suffered a bloody nose, but stayed in the game. in third, a homer, unfortunately not enough. the twins won it, 8-
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